Carry Comfortably with TushBaby

Embrace the Joy of Parenthood with Baby K'tan

Tushbaby is the ultimate all-in-one carrier solution. Designed to adapt to your child’s changing needs, Tushbaby is your versatile companion from infancy to toddlerhood. It's not just a carrier; it's a multitasking marvel.

Tushbaby effortlessly combines the roles of a comfortable baby carrier and a convenient diaper bag, and even offers breastfeeding support. From moments around the house to adventures on the go, Tushbaby has you covered.

How TushBaby Is Different

Tushbaby puts your baby’s hips in the “M” position while reducing painful spine curvature in adults. It can be used as breastfeeding support in the early months, and transition to a face-to-face carrier once your baby has control of its head and neck.

Baby K'tan vs Other Wraps

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier does not require any wrapping. Traditional wraps are made of one long piece of fabric -- generally around 5 yards long -- which you wrap around yourself and tie. The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is made of a patented double-loop design -- two loops which are connected by a third smaller loop.

Find Your Carrier Size

The Baby K'tan is sized to fit the adult who will be carrying the child (age or weight of child is not a factor). This is what allows you to wear the Baby K'tan without needing to adjust rings or buckles; just slip it on and go!

Stash Your Stuff

Put diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and wallet in the side pockets. Attach toys to the loops and tuck bottles in the holder.

How To Wear Baby K'tan

Wearing the Baby K'tan is as easy as slipping on a t-shirt; no wrapping or buckling involved. Simply place the carrier over your head and put one arm through each loop. You can carry baby in multiple positions from birth and up!

The connecting loop at the back of the Baby K'tan Carrier allows you to easily adjust the front loops as needed for optimal back support and baby positioning.

How To Use Tush Baby

What you won’t find with Tushbaby are confusing straps, wraps, or buckles. There is no learning curve, which can’t be said about many other baby carriers where you’re having to watch video after video to figure out how to use it correctly. Tightly velcro your Tushbaby carrier high on your hips, and you are ready to carry your baby with ease and without any of the discomfort you’d feel if you weren’t wearing it.

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