Owlet Smart Sock 2 - Original Mint - Gently Used


$160.00 $299.99

The Owlet Smart Sock helps parents rest easy knowing their little one is safe. The Smart Sock tracks oxygen-levels and heart-rate and parents are conveniently able to check their baby's stats on their phone wherever they are. If there are any issues, notifications are sent directly to the phone so parents can intervene.

The Smart Sock 2 also adds sleep trend tracking so that parents can help their child establish a healthy sleep routine.

Using the Smart Sock 2 requires a WiFi network for the base station to connect to. Socks must be worn within 100 feet of the base station.

  • Track your baby's heart-rate and oxygen levels in real-time from your phone
  • Get notified of any issues directly on your phone
  • See historical data from your baby
  • Sleep trend tracking
  • Machine washable socks
  • Socks can be worn on either foot
  • Includes three different sized socks to fit babies from 6 to 25 pounds