4 Reasons to Shop Second Hand for Baby Essentials

4 Reasons to Shop Second Hand for Baby Essentials

Kelly Collopy

Hey there, we’re the Norments! We started our second hand baby store, Stork Exchange, with the mission to reduce the impact of parenting on parents' wallets and on the Earth.

We realized that so many parents like us wanted to buy more of their baby goods used but were frustrated with the hassle of buying things off ‘traditional’ platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. We ourselves found it difficult to find exactly what we wanted, determine what condition items were actually in, and after all that, ultimately coordinate pickups.

So we got to thinking…there’s got to be an easier way, right?! And with that, Stork Exchange was born (no pun intended!)  to simplify the whole process. Still skeptical? Read on…

At Stork Exchange, we inspect and clean every item before it's listed for purchase, giving parents confidence that only items in good condition and from brands they know and love will be available through our second hand baby store. Our carefully curated online marketplace makes it easy to find and purchase the items parents want, when they want them. We then ship directly to your door, in eco-friendly packaging, making the process convenient and better for the environment! PS: If you’re local, you can also opt to pick up your order from our Charlotte, NC based warehouse.

Okay, okay, so enough with the feel-good stuff! WHY, should you even consider shopping second hand in the first place? Take a look at a few of our favorite reasons, below:

  1. High quality products at a lower price point. This one feels like a given, but it’s a true benefit! The cost savings is not something to scoff at, especially as a parent. Often, you can often find second hand goods up to 50% cheaper than if you were buying new. Not to mention, finding name brand, premium and luxury baby essentials at a fraction of regular retail cost. Who doesn’t want to get designer items at a discount? And don’t let the term ‘second hand’ deter you, because at Stork Exchange, a good portion of the items we list are factory sealed, open box or in ‘like new’ condition!
  2. Reduce waste’s impact on the environment. When you consider the resources that go into creating new products, it isn’t just the labor and materials, but also the energy utilized to develop packaging too. Each product that is manufactured contributes to some level of depletion of natural resources. Not only does shopping second hand lessen the natural resources being used, it also has a direct impact on the amount of pollution being emitted throughout the manufacturing, packaging and transportation process. Let’s not forget that when you purchase second hand baby goods, you’re also giving those items a precious second life, saving them from becoming even more waste in our planet’s landfills.
  3. Explore a new brand you may not have otherwise known. This is a big one, especially in the world of parenting! When it comes to baby essentials like bottles and nipples, baby carriers and strollers, it’s near impossible to determine what your little love will take to. Rather than contribute to our planet’s waste by purchasing multiple new items that inevitably will be thrown out, test new-to-you brands and models by purchasing baby gear second hand. Not sure where to find trusted, safe used baby wraps, or where to sell used strollers if your first choice doesn’ work out? Look no further than Stork Exchange! Our carefully curated online marketplace lists items in their exact condition after being thoroughly inspected and sanitized, so you can purchase (and sell!) with confidence. 
  4. Support a small business. This reason is near and dear to our heart, and for good reason! The dollars you spend at our second hand baby shop aren’t off to the nearest big-box store’s headquarters. By buying used through Stork Exchange, you are directly supporting our local businesses, and we appreciate it more than you know! Not to toot our own horn, but small businesses like ours have big dreams. Not only are we actively working to do our part to protect this vital planet, but whenever possible we love to give back too! Be sure to visit us on Instagram at, @stork_exchange, to see how we have contributed to helping local non-profits by way of donating baby goods.

Have you bought or sold second hand items? We’d love to know what YOU LOVE about it!

Xo, The Norments