Our Promise to You

We know that trust is one of the most important things to parents. That's why we guarantee that all of our items will arrive in the condition we list them.

Every item we receive is subjected to a thorough inspection to ensure its genuine and check for damage, stains, cleanliness, and missing parts. We only sell items on our site that meet our rigorous standards - we would never sell an item we wouldn't use for our own children. 

After inspection, items are thoroughly cleaned. We vacuum items with an industrial HEPA vacuum to ensure no dirt, dust, or allergens remain. Items that can be laundered are machine washed with a mild, hypoallergenic infant detergent. And finally every item is sterilized with high temperature steam or antibacterial wipes.

If an item is broken, defective, or just doesn't meet your expectations, contact us at returns@storkexchange.co within 7 days of receiving your item and we will replace or repair the item if possible or provide a full refund.