Finding Returns a New Nest


Stork Exchange is partnering with leading baby brands to lead the transition to the circular economy

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Introducing ReNest

Here at Stork Exchange we are committed to leaving a better planet behind for our children. We've gone out and found other companies that share this vision to partner with for our ReNest program. Together we work together to divert returns and overstock baby gear from landfills and instead make them available for parents to shop. Helping ligthen the load on our planet and your wallet.

Our Partners


Full Service Operations

Our expert team meticulously handles the returns process end to end, giving brands more time to focus on their core operations. Our comprehensive approach helps recover the most items for resale without compromising reputation for quality or safety.


Customized to Your Brand

We tailor every program to our partner's unique narrative to ensure that we are protecting their brand. We work hand in hand to blend their brand identity with our deep knowledge of the secondhand market to excite customers and unlock their full potential in the secondhand market.


Recommerce Reports

Our analytics platform delivers essential insights into secondhand performance, aiding brands in inventory optimization and profitability. Make data-driven decisions, spot trends, and stay competitive with our tailored solutions.

Our Impact

Since 2021, we've helped divert over 50,000 pounds of baby gear from the landfill and saved families hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our platform is a win for parents saving money, brands sustainabily and profitablly disposing of their returns and overstock goods, and our planet.