About Us

Hello! We're Ben, Cyndal, and Elliot.

We started Stork Exchange with the mission to reduce the impact of parenting on parents' wallets and on the Earth.

We realized that so many parents like us wanted to buy more of their baby goods used but were frustrated with the hassle of buying things off Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It was difficult to find what you wanted, determine what condition the items were actually in, and coordinate pickups.

We created Stork Exchange to simplify this whole process. We inspect and clean every item before it's listed on our site, giving parents confidence that only items in good condition and from brands they love will be on the site. Our online shop makes it easy to find and purchase the items parents want. And we ship directly to their door in eco-friendly packaging, making the process convenient and better for the environment.

Spend Less. Use Less. Pain Less.