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Hello! We’re Ben and Cyndal - the founders of Stork Exchange.

When we had our kids, we wanted to buy secondhand to save money and be more sustainable. But we quickly became frustrated with how inconvenient and untrustworthy buying things off Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace was.

Whatever money we were saving was quickly outweighed by the time we were spending. And as new parents, time felt like our most precious commodity. So we started Stork Exchange to give parents like us a better way to shop secondhand.

We are committed to providing parents the safe, trustworthy, and convenient experience we wanted. Every item we sell is carefully inspected so that parents can shop with confidence. And with national shipping straight to their doorstep, parents don’t have to get in the car to meetup with a seller.

Being sustainable - whether financially or environmentally - shouldn’t have to feel like a burden. Shopping with Stork Exchange makes sustainability easy, giving parents back time to spend with their growing families.

Spend Less. Use Less. Pain Less.

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Meet the Team

Behind Stork Exchange

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<h4>Ben Norment </h4><p>Co-Founder / CEO</p>
<h4>Ben Norment </h4><p>Co-Founder / CEO</p>

Ben Norment

Co-Founder / CEO

<h4>Cyndal Norment</h4><p>Co-Founder</p>

Cyndal Norment


<h4>Stephanie Zacharuk</h4><p>Operations Manager</p>

Stephanie Zacharuk

Operations Manager

<h4>Jakob Reuter </h4><p>Chief of Staff</p>
<h4>Jakob Reuter </h4><p>Chief of Staff</p>

Jakob Reuter

Chief of Staff

<h4>CeAndria Jones </h4><p>Operations Associate</p>

CeAndria Jones

Operations Associate

<h4>Emma Bivens </h4><p>Operations Associate</p>
<h4>Emma Bivens </h4><p>Operations Associate</p>

Emma Bivens

Operations Associate

<h4>Keyosha Mcguine</h4><p>Operations Associate</p>

Keyosha Mcguine

Operations Associate