Our Commitment to You

We know that trust is one of the most important things to parents. That's why we stand behind every item we sell - if it’s not in the condition listed, we’ll provide a full refund.

Every item we receive is subjected to a thorough inspection designed to ensure it is genuine and checked for damage, stains, cleanliness, and missing parts. We only sell items on our site that meet our rigorous standards - we would never sell an item we wouldn't use for our own children.

Upholding Safety Standards

Our mission is to create a trustworthy and safe shopping environment for families. Every item we offer is in a clean and fully functional condition. We closely track recalls and warnings to prevent selling items that have been recalled.

Our Rigorous Safety Evaluation Process

1. Adhering to CPSC guidelines for product safety.

a. We closely follow their recommendations from the ‘Resellers Guide to Selling Safer Products’ to ensure all items are safe for resale.

2. Conducting thorough inspections for safety and quality.

a. Each item in our collection undergoes a rigorous inspection and testing process upon arrival. This includes thorough testing of brakes on strollers, inspecting all harnesses and safety straps to make sure they are original and functioning correctly, and ensuring that there is no evidence of unauthorized tampering with the item. We also check for any missing parts or pieces.

3. Cleaning, testing, and photographing each product meticulously before it’s listed

4. Using baby-safe eco-conscious disinfectants for cleaning and sterilization.

5. Keeping abreast of the latest recalls from both CPSC and NHTSA.

Our Process

Every product undergoes a detailed quality check by our experts before listing. Every item is inspected when we take it so that we have an accurate view of its condition. A detailed description is included with each listing, as well as photographs of any visible flaws. Items are only listed as factory sealed if we are confident the packaging has never been opened (e.g., inspecting the tamper resistant packaging).

Our Cleaning Process

Smaller cloth items are laundered with dermatologist-recommended baby detergent, sanitized via steam, and sealed in an eco-friendly product bag.
Large items are vacuumed using a HEPA-filtered vacuum and then wiped with an eco-conscious disinfectant spray.

Managing Recalled Items

We diligently track product recalls from both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through integrated technology.

In the event that a product bought from Stork Exchange faces a future recall, we will prioritize reaching out to the buyer with all the necessary details. Our team can guide them on how to contact the manufacturer and make sure they have all the necessary information they need from us.

Items We Exclude

Stork Exchange will not sell certain items, including, but not limited to, items that are subject to voluntary or mandatory recall, are more than seven years old, are no longer in accordance with current safety standards, and items missing original safety harnesses or straps. For a complete list of item restrictions please visit the following page which is located on our FAQ - Stork Exchange Item Restrictions

Risks to the Customer

Please be aware that we do sell secondhand products. While we do our best efforts to inspect and clean items thoroughly and disclose any observed issues with an item as part of the product listing, customers should be aware of the risks in using secondhand products and take appropriate steps to ensure the products they receive are safe for use.

Secondhand items may have been used previously and may be missing key parts or suffering from wear and tear that makes them unfit for further use. Secondhand items may be older and not have the most-current safety features. The decision to use secondhand items lies solely with the customer, who assumes all associated risks. We strongly advise customers refer to a manufacturer’s manual and check all key safety equipment on any item, such as brakes, harnesses, safety straps, expiration dates, etc. prior to using it.