Cybex Priam 4/ e-Priam 2 Lux Carry Cot - Pearl Grey


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Discover the ultimate in comfort and style with the Cybex Priam 4/e-Priam 2 Lux Carry Cot, designed for babies up to 20 lbs. This premium carry cot features a plush, breathable interior, ensuring your little one's comfort and safety on every outing. Perfectly compatible with the Cybex Priam 4 and e-Priam 2 strollers, it offers seamless integration for a sleek look. Lightweight yet durable, it's your go-to choice for elegance and functionality, ready to accompany your family's adventures from day one! 

Cybex Priam 4/ e-Priam 2 Lux Carry Cot - Pearl Grey

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