4 Second Hand Myths Debunked

4 Second Hand Myths Debunked

Kelly Collopy

At Stork Exchange, we’re parents too. We get the frustration of researching products, scouring reviews and ultimately trying to budget for items you aren’t even sure you will actually need. That’s why we created our second hand baby store with the mission to reduce the impact of parenting on your wallet and on the Earth.

We realized that so many parents like us wanted to buy more of their baby goods second hand but were frustrated with the hassle of sourcing items off ‘traditional’ platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. We ourselves found it difficult to find exactly what we wanted, determine what condition items were actually in, and after all that, ultimately coordinate pickups.

So we got to thinking…there’s got to be an easier way, right?! And with that, Stork Exchange came to be, specifically to help simplify the whole process. Still skeptical? We get it! That’s why we are here to help put your mind at ease when it comes to shopping used. Read on as we debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions about purchasing second hand. 

Myth 1: Second hand shops are dirty

At Stork Exchange, we employ a rigorous 4-step sanitizing process for all goods we list. From dirt removal and laundering to steam clean sterilization and packaging, we follow CDC approved methods to ensure we're removing all dirt and allergens from preloved gear. And we don’t stop there. Smaller items especially are sealed immediately to prevent dust or dirt during the shopping and shipping process. We also package up orders in recyclable packing 

Myth 2: Second hand items are too worn out

At Stork Exchange, we offer a wide variety of second hand baby items from 'well loved' and 'gently used' to 'like new'. Even better, many items we list are 'open box' quality or factory sealed…which means they are basically brand new! Long story short, we're parents too so we understand the need for trust and transparency. We would never list a product we wouldn't use for our own family.

Myth 3: Second hand shops are unorganized and cluttered

While this may have been true for thrift shops of the past, have you visited our website? At Stork Exchange we offer an expertly curated online shopping experience that organizes baby gear into comprehensive categories. Our search bar allows you to easily filter your favorite brands too. We leave detailed product descriptions for each item in our inventory that spells out exactly what condition the item is in, best ways to use, how to care for your gear, and more. 

Myth 4: Second hand items are outdated

Each product listed on our Stork Exchange online marketplace includes the product year directly in the item's product title. Nothing to hide here! We provide all of the key product information you need to make an educated shopping decision.

As parents we totally understand the need to research, review and select items for your little one, carefully. As you browse our site we hope you can find not just a trusted partner but also a trusted friend, here to support you every step of the way.

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