5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Essentials

5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Essentials

Kelly Collopy

Kids grow so quickly! One moment you're basking in that new baby smell and the next you have a walking, talking toddler, who has outgrown their clothes, bassinet, stroller, toys and more. If you’re a parent or expecting, by now you've realized that buying new baby gear isn't cheap.

Not to mention the waste. The best way to save money as a parent, and make gentler, more

earth-friendly decisions – shopping secondhand! 

As parents and small business owners of our very own second hand baby store, we are always looking for other brands who just “get it”...because it truly does take a village! So, when it comes to saving money AND growing your family, we’re proud to have made some pretty awesome sustainable friends that can help make your parenting journey a bit easier.

Take a closer look at a few of our favorite, easy ways to save money when shopping for baby essentials.

Clothing Rental

Our friends at Rent-a-Romper offer the most effortlessly sustainable way to keep up with your growing little! Offering curated capsules of mix-and-match clothing, Rent-a-Romper can dress children from size preemie to 5T. Personalized for your style and needs and featuring 200+ of the top children's clothing brands, building a flexible wardrobe has never been easier. Keep items as long as you want and swap whenever you need.

Age Based Toy Rental

Rotating toys every few months is a great way to keep your little engaged, curious and entertained...but purchasing new toys adds up quickly! Our friends at Tiny Earth Toys make toy rental absolutely foolproof. With a focus on education, membership includes the ability to rent  Montessori inspired toys that are developmentally appropriate from newborn to 48+ months.

Once your new toys arrive, use the included prepaid return label and the original packaging to pack your kit. Within 7 days of receiving your new toys, drop your return set off at your local FedEx location. Pro tip: store your box and original packaging for easy swaps. Made for learning, not the landfill!

Preloved Baby Essentials

At Stork Exchange, we’re parents too. So we know firsthand that when it comes to our kids, trust is important. That’s why we stand behind every inspected, sanitized, preloved item that you’ll find in our expertly curated second hand baby store. We’re here to help take the guesswork out of purchasing used baby gear. Shop an array of baby essentials such as used bassinets, used strollers, second hand car seats, second hand baby wraps and more — and all from premium brands you already know and love! We are constantly adding to our selection of baby gear. If you can't find what you're looking for now - check back soon! We add new products weekly, every Tuesday.

Cloth Diapering

If you’re looking for a surefire way to save money throughout your parenting journey, give cloth diapering an honest try. On average, studies show that a baby will use 2,500–3,000 diapers in their first year of life. If you’ve ever scanned the price of diapers you know that can easily add up to $500-$900 per year. And that’s without inflation and the endless supply chain issues we all seem to be facing.

Yes, cloth reusable diapers may take some getting used to, but making the switch can massively reduce your parenting waste and help your budget. And if you’re not quite sure if cloth diapering will ultimately be your thing, start small by purchasing preloved reusable diapers to test out. This will give you a better feel for what brand or style you like, while also helping you get acclimated to the cloth diapering process. 

Commit to Convertible

Another money saving tip we swear by is opting for convertible, grow-able baby essentials that are multi-functional. Not only does this method help save space, but also money, as you can certainly get more bang for your buck by selecting items that will grow alongside your little. Items like preloved convertible cribs and changing tables and used convertible car seats, can all easily be purchased second hand from trusted sellers, like Stork Exchange. One look at our inventory and you’ll see many of these convertible, multi-functional items are listed as ‘open box’ and ‘factory sealed’ meaning they are basically brand new. 

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