Natural Cleaning Hacks for Cleaning Baby Toys

Natural Cleaning Hacks for Cleaning Baby Toys

Kelly Collopy

Let’s get real – little ones can be quite messy. From blowout diapers and food disasters, to dooling and sneezing, there’s no avoiding the mess and germs. Keeping your new baby healthy is a feat in itself, as their little immune systems are quite susceptible to start.

Your little one’s toys likely will travel in the car, end up on the ground and then in their mouth, while also getting tossed around from friend to friend during playdates. It’s not surprising that those toys carry a lot of dirt and germs!

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what is the safest way to disinfect your little one’s favorite play things? Believe it or not there are some amazing natural cleaning hacks that will have you saying bye-bye to harsh chemicals and detergents for good!

1:1 Vinegar Water Solution

Instead of using a harsh chemical like bleach, consider an eco-friendly and chemical-free DIY cleaning solution featuring vinegar. We love adding a drop of essential oil to cut the smell too!

The Dishwasher Method

Hard plastic toys are generally dishwasher-safe, but always check the original packing first! A dishwasher basket or lingerie bag can help keep tiny pieces from getting lost.

Soapy Warm Water

Scrubbing toys by hand in a sink of hot soapy water can be super effective, especially for items that can't stand the heat of a dishwasher or boiling, such as thin plastic, rubber or wooden toys.

Vacuum Precious Stuffies

Use a vacuum cleaner hose or brush attachment to vacuum the dust right out of especially significant stuffed animals that may be too delicate for the washing machine.

Don’t Forget the Steam Cleaner

Steaming is a great way to sanitize without using any chemicals, plus it works on practically any toy and even strollers!

PS: Rest assured when you purchase items from our secondhand baby store, we do the hard work for you! Every item that we accept is rigorously cleaned. Smaller cloth items are laundered, sanitized via steam, and then sealed. Larger items are vacuumed of any dirt and allergens and wiped down with disinfecting wipes. Any removable cloth parts are laundered and sanitized via steam. We take sterilizing items seriously! And aim to do so in the most eco-friendly, sustainable manner. 

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