New Mom Checklist: 4 Feeding Items You’ll Want Handy!

New Mom Checklist: 4 Feeding Items You’ll Want Handy!

Kelly Collopy

We’re BIG advocates of *fed is best* so no matter where your feeding journey takes you, we commend you! But let’s face it, one can never be too prepared.

From pumping and storage to feeding on the go, if nursing is in your future, we hope this handy little checklist of must-haves gives you an extra boost of confidence!

When Mama Needs Extra TLC: Nipple Cream or Lanolin

Cluster feeding got you down? Nipple cream can be a great way to reduce tenderness or dryness in your nipples and can help prevent cracking or bleeding as well.

To Prevent Leaks: Disposable (or Reusable, Washable) Nursing Pads

Stay dry throughout the day with disposable nursing pads, conveniently packaged for the on-the-go parent! Don’t forget if you’re looking to reduce your waste there are also some amazing reusable, washable options too! Most reusable nursing pads come in a multi-pack and protective case so that you can easily launder and store in between uses. 

Because Comfort Matters: Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow can make it easier to support and position your baby while feeding. The added support helps to ease the burden on Mama’s tired back and shoulders too – a real win-win for everyone. 

When You Need Privacy: Nursing Cover

For moms who aren't comfortable with feeding or pumping in view of others — or just simply want some privacy! — a nursing cover may just become your best friend. Easy to fold and store in your diaper bag means nursing on-the-go no longer has to be such a chore. It’s easy to source an organic cotton option that washes well too!

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